Grip Tips

How can grips affect my game?

Grip size can significantly affect the golfers ability to control the club and the flight of the golf ball. Proper grip size gives the golfer control of the club and the ability to square the face at impact.

A grip that is too small can cause an early release resulting in a pull or hook. Too large a grip can limit the golfer’s ability to properly release the wrists through the impact area (resulting in a block and/or fade). Many golfers like the feel of larger grips, but this may limit the ability to release the club properly.

Larger grips should be used by players who hook the ball because of a strong hand position or over active hand action through the impact area. Golfers who suffer from arthritis will also benefit from larger grips because they will not have to grip the club with as much pressure, resulting in less discomfort.

Smaller grips should be used by players who slice the ball because of a weak grip position. Making the grips smaller will promote a better release through impact, and result in fewer slices.

The factors that affect grip size are: the manufactured size, e.g. standard, midsize etc; the core size, 56, 58, 60; the butt size of the shaft that the grip is installed on, 560, 580, 600 etc (Installing a 58 core on a 600 shaft will result in a 1/64 oversized grip).; and the layers of build-up tape applied to the shaft before installation.. Typically, build-up tape is applied under the full length of the grip, however, some golfers prefer to have the grip built up more under their lower hand.

The grip is your only contact with the golf club so be sure they are properly fit to you hands and the way you hold the club.

How can I make my grips last longer?

The biggest enemy of grips is perspiration. You can extend the life of grips by washing them after every three or four rounds. Use an SOS pad and hot water from the faucet. Scrub thoroughly, rinse well, repeat, then dry lightly with a towel. You’ll be amazed how long they last

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