Lie adjustments

Lie angle – the lie angle has a significant influence on the accuracy of the shot. If, for example, the toe of the head is up in the air at impact, then the loft angle becomes tilted, and no matter whether the leading edge is square to the target line or not, the subsequent angle (it is known as the “compound” angle) that is created, means that the shot will go to the left (pulled).  Of course, the opposite is true if the toe is down.

We can check your irons by having you hit off a lie board or you can perform this check yourself by putting a strip of masking tape on the sole of the club then hitting off a piece of plywood that you are standing on.  The resulting mark will clearly show if the club needs adjustment.

​Lie angles should be adjusted to your specific swing.  Most irons can be adjusted by bending in our loft and lie machine.

Cost of this service is only $5.00 per club.

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